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Case Study

Configuration Management Case Study:  Los Angeles County MTA (LACMTA)

The efficacy of our configuration management system was measured in a case study comparing the approximately 80% complete construction of the LACMTA 1st and 2nd segments of the Red Line, a $5.3 billion rail construction project.  The net result of this study yielded the following results:

  • 60% reduction in administrative costs resulting in more than $10 million in savings;
  • Enabled response to numerous information requests in minutes rather than days;
  • Improved the processing time of change orders resulting in 90% reduction in contractor claims; and
  • Changed job focus to training, analysis, and management instead of data gathering.

Configuration management was applied and measured on the LACMTA project using a software product built for LACMTA called “Contract Control System.”  This software product was later acquired by PACO and re-branded as ccsNet®, and re-written from the ground up, applying lessons learned and greater industry hindsight.

The success of our system in LACMTA was acknowledge by Federal Transit Administration (FTA) and certified under the FTA National Lessons Learned Program, “Computerized Change Control System."

Comparison at Approximately 80% Completion:  Red Line Segment 1 versus Red Line Segment 2