PACO Group is governed by a set of core values. These values are reflected in everything PACO Group employees do, and serve as the foundation for how PACO Group employees conduct business and make decisions; behave and serve corporate stakeholders; and how other employees are treated. PACO Group’s corporate culture supports the organization’s business goals. 

• Commitment.  We serve our stakeholders with expertise, and provide the highest quality of service; 

• Communication.  We listen and respond to our clients’ and employees’ needs by encouraging an open and consistent flow of communication, where feedback is valued and acted upon; 

• Teamwork.  We support one another and value our diverse contributions in meeting every client’s needs; 

• Honesty and Integrity.  We conduct ourselves ethically, and deal honestly and fairly with one another and the public; 

• Respect.  We treat our employees and customers with the highest degree of dignity, and we embrace our differences so that we may enrich the well-being of everyone; 

• Fulfillment.  We help people reach their fullest potential by fostering an enriching work environment that ensures employee well-being, personal satisfaction, and professional achievement; and 

• Innovation. We encourage and motivate our employees to continuously seek, develop, and embrace improved methods and technologies to support our organization and customers. 




By 2020, PACO Group will be ranked by ENR magazine as one of the top 50 Program Management firms and top 100 Construction Management firms in the nation. 



Guided by our core values, PACO Group provides innovative project and construction management services to support our clients deliver their capital programs within budget, scope, and schedule. 

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