Configuration Management

PACO Group is a recognized industry leader in Configuration Management, a process that accommodates changes and perpetually documents how a physical system is configured.

Configuration Management complements the process of project management, involving various entities each charged with different responsibilities. A project manager develops processes and procedures that address responsibilities and authorities for price and time modifications on a project, however, when that is combined with the technical criteria and the configuration management procedures, the project manager then has a complete set of tools with which to manage the project.  The key benefits of Configuration Management are: 

  • Early identification and accommodation of changes;
  • Assures all requirements remain clear, concise, and valid, which provides the project team with the ability to mitigate impacts of changes;
  • Records chronology of events and issues (audit trail); and  
  • Provides an internal feedback mechanism to assure that project performance criteria are being met 

PACO Group’s Configuration Management methodology consists of a discipline of systematically defining the various baselines, contract deliverables and capturing and storing all project documents, records, written communications, and decisions and their respective relationships with one another as tied to a particular project from initiation through completion, for the purpose of facilitating project progression, accumulating a complete unbiased project history, and providing a means for reexamining all baseline changes, schedule impacts, and cost changes throughout the project lifecycle.

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