Data Analytics

For most people Data Analytics is something they may have heard of, but don’t really understand.

However, every day on construction sites teams are coordinating hundreds of subcontractors, managing thousands of open issues, and navigating constant onsite changes. Construction projects continue to grow more complex, creating new challenges for minimizing risk and improving quality and construction safety initiatives.

PACO Group’s Data Analytics service helps to uncover hidden patterns, correlations and other insights that can be used to gain a better insight into project issues. These analytics solutions result in real-time key performance measures at the project, program, and portfolio level, and analyzes real–time data against performance thresholds–assessing trends over time and transforming information into insight, enhancing decision-making and improving overall project delivery. This information can be applied during or after the completion of a capital construction project or program to identify current and future issues, and assess lessons learned.

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