We are accustomed to local conditions and geared to budget control.

As program/construction managers, we know that estimating is step one to cost control, and we prepare estimates that lead to an integrated cost schedule program. 

Estimates we offer include: 

  • Conceptual
  • Definitive
  • Value Engineering
  • Bid Analysis
  • Change Order Evaluation, and
  • Negotiations Support.

In estimating any job, we examine construction techniques, schedule decisions and special problems from the vantage point provided by our construction management experience.  We know the cost effect of varying schedule approaches, and how the change order evaluations apply to claims analysis.  Companies that do only estimating focus on design; our services carry through both design and construction. 

PACO Group’s computer technology incorporates local labor and material pricing and provides full documentation with easily understood back-ups.  We adapt our methods to suit the estimates’ purpose and the level of detail desired.  We can typically provide a variety of computerized summaries and supporting reports, such as manhours by craft, crew types, and burdened and unburdened estimates for sub-areas within a facility. 

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